Jon Michaels is a Radio/Television/Film Junior whose main interests are in multimedia and computer graphics. Being a ACNS consultant, Jon has had lots of experience with using most programs for accessing information on the internet. He used the internet to do most of his research on a hypercard project analizing the film, Blade Runner.

He went through the typical email addiction his freshman year where he constantly flooded his friends' mailboxes with net trash. He even spent a period of time strung out on IRC, a monkey that he was luckily able to get off his back. Jon spends most of his time now surfing the web, keeping up his own web server, and producing a sketch comedy television show, Stinky's Pub.

Jon would love the opportunity to study the impact that this type of communication has on individuals and society as a whole. He feels that because of his own experiences on the internet, with computers, and through the study of mass culture in RTVF, he would be a positive addition to the C95 Computer-Mediated Interaction class.

Matt Carmichael

When Matt started to develop his interests in communication it was through his interest in writing. Therefore it made sense that he applied to Medill. Then Matt got to college. Matt became part of a new culture. One where distance was not a hinderance in communication. One where people who from different cultures could share a common set of norms and a language.

Matt found the Internet. Now, unfortunately, Matt's interests have become focused in the area of multimedia and online publishing. He says 'unfortunately' because there just aren't many classes in that area. Certainly not in Medill, which makes no sense. So he has worked hard to find classes outside of Medill, such as a Music Tech class in Multimedia Software design, as well as making his own class in Medill which is combining developmental theory of publishing on the web with real life experince as he developed an online product for Tribune Media Services which was presented at a conference in New Orleans earlier this month

Matt thinks that the Internet will become a key factor in how people communicate, whether formally through publications, or informally through such things as IRC and 'talk.' So Matt would like to take C95. Matt would like to be able to devote more time to studying the Internet.

Matt likes to write in third person.

Top Ten Reasons Jon & Matt should be in C95

  1. We're dancin' maniacs!
  2. We have good taste in beer.
  3. We're roommates so we can be total geeks and interact on the net across vast distances of 3 feet or so.
  4. Matt can burp out the William Tell Overture.
  5. Jon's mold collection rivals the best.
  6. Drank with "the boys" during the seige of Paris.
  7. Our collective computers have been running 3800 hours since their purchase earlier this year.
  8. We've reached "Net Terrorist" status with Anarchie.
  9. Statistically we receive a piece of mail every 15 minutes.
  10. We've probably been quoted in the Daily regarding computers more times than anyone.

Jon Michaels
Matt Carmichael