It’s Too Damn Hot

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are but here in Los Angeles it is literally 90°F (32°C)! In March! Yes, this is Southern California. Yes, we have warmer weather than other places. However, it is still technically winter and we are having temperatures that many places have during the summer. I just checked the weather on the South Shore of Boston (my hometown)… IT’S SNOWING! 90 on one coast, snowing on the other. Crazy.

Actually one of the big reasons I live in LA is because of the weather. I’m just not crazy about 90. 70-75 is just right. 90 is too hot. In a perfect world it would be 70°F year-round.

This weather has definitely helped with my head cold. It’s fairly easy to be sniffly, sneezy, and coughing when the weather is cold and damp. Much harder in the heat. Plus it has me in the mood of spring cleaning. I have done more loads of laundry today than I have done it ages. And I’m having visions of a new vacuum. I’m definitely not right in the head.