Real Life Adventures

I have my car back! Woo hoo!

The week before Thanksgiving 2003, I was rear-ended by Beverly Hills high school student and pushed into the car in front of me. What followed was months of phone calls trying to get his insurance company to fix my car. The huge stalling point was the guy in front of me refused to give a statement. It was a big freakin’ mess–though I did get to pull out a little physics I learned years ago in high school. (So kids watching at home, pay attention. You WILL have a chance to use those boring things later in life.) But that’s a whole other story.

Flash forward to late January 2004 and suddenly my insurance company calls me because the motorist in front of me in the accident has suddenly surfaced. He’s talking to my insurance company through his lawyer because he’s claiming he was severely injured in the accident. (Shyeah, right! As if! Though my insurance company was VERY interested in the physics calculations I’d done to prove that the accident was all the 90210 kid’s fault.) Anyway, it was all a load of crap but my insurance company finally said skip trying to get the kid’s insurance to fix your car, we’ll do it.

So then there’s a flurry of estimates and pre-ordering of parts and large checks made out to me and a repair shop and all kinds of fun. On February 11, 2004, three days before my 30th birthday, I took my car into the repair shop to get it fixed. Today after lots of communication issues (including a huge one where my car was actually completely done and ready to be picked up a week ago but the repair shop didn’t get the final “Ok, we truly are going to pay for EVERYTHING” from my insurance company until today) I finally was able to drive my Bronze 2003 Honda CR-V home.

It was a great moment.

And then I realized that I left my cell phone in the cab I took to the repair shop.


And then followed over an hour a Hi-hi-hilarity as I drove around LA stopping at pay phones to call the cab company and trying to track down the cab I’d been in not so long before to reclaim my cell. Fun fun fun.

Still it was a pretty great day.