Get In The Ring For Round Two

I’ve mentioned before my trip to Saginaw for my cousin’s wedding. It was great to see a lot my relatives from my dad’s side of the family. I hadn’t seen some of them in 10 years or more. A big problem with the wedding is that my cousin is 21 and I’m 30. So of course it was open field day on Jon time.

“Haven’t you met a nice girl yet?”

“When are we going to see you up there?”

“I think it’s about time you settled down and gave your grandmother some grandkids.”

And now I just got an email with some of the details of my uncle’s wedding. (My dad’s brother) So it looks as though I get to go through it all again in a little over two months.

Oh joy.

Other news I received this morning is that my friends are having a baby! (Actually I already knew they were having a baby, I just got an email update with a link to the ultrasound picture. Of course this too makes me think. Do I want to be that guy? You know, that guy who sends out ultrasound pictures? It wasn’t all that long ago that I was going to Vegas for three day drinking and gambling benders. Of course I haven’t had a drink in over three years. So these days trips to Las Vegas are slightly more sedate. But still… do I want to be that guy? Well I think it’s about time I break out of this parenthetical aside.)

Actually, it’s probably time for me to wrap up this entry. But still…