Hey, Rocky, Watch Me Pull A Rabbit Out Of My Hat

It is done. After a little bit of wondering where my title graphic when off to and then trying to figure out why there was an orange stripe above the graphic, the Monsters from the Id revised website is done. Please let me introduce you to a style I call:


It is inspired by a style called “Zen Pool” from the excellent CSS Zen Garden website. This weekend while I was bringing my site up to date, I created another style I call “Frankenstein” which was basically the same as “Zen Pool” with a different color scheme. The author of “Zen Pool” had a fixed amount of text to deal with for that design. After many hours of messing around, I found that his method does not work at all with my weblog of various page lengths. So I scrapped it, read up a bunch more on CSS, started taking baby steps and wound up with “Halloween.” At some point I’ll probably rework “Halloween” to get a new version of “Frankenstein”, but that will be when I set up the site with user-selectable style sheets.

Of course I did end up putting the obligatory weblog stickers down in the corner of my navigation bar. I swear the blog police knocked on my door and said, “Sir, we need you to add a zillion of these little 80×15 images to your site or we’re going to have to take away your computer.” It was either that or a post by Wil the other day where he gave a link to a sticker generator. One thing lead to another and suddenly I found myself at a sticker archive. I couldn’t help myself.

I’m going to go play with my Colorforms and Shrinky Dinks.