Goin’ To Las Vegas With An Aching… In My Heart

Well, I’m already in California.

My buddy and I booked the plane tickets and hotel rooms today. We’re off to Vegas on April 18 for the NAB show. This will be fun! I have never been to NAB. (National Association of Broadcasters, for those of you who don’t know.) It’s a huge convention for media production and post-production. Lots and lots of software and gear. Heaven for tech geeks like myself.

I’ve never been to NAB. I always seem to be working on a movie when it comes around. In fact when you do film sound, like me, you always hope that you don’t have to wind up on a dub stage for a mix while NAB is going on because you can never get any tech support from engineers or people at the companies who make the products we use since they’re all hanging out in the Las Vegas Convention center.

I am also going to use this opportunity to check out Star Trek: The Experience at the Hilton. I’ve never seen that either and now that there’s the new Borg 4D adventure to go along with the original one, it should be extra-super-cool.

I talked to another friend on the phone today who’s spent the last 2 months hanging out in Chicago. (He’s from there but lives here in LA now.) He’s coming back into town on Friday for 5 days before he takes off for Australia and South-East Asia for another 2 months. We going to go see “Hellboy” the movie before he leaves. Oh yeah!