Thank You, Easter Bunny. Bawk. Bawk.

Did everyone have a nice Easter?

I did. I drove down to Long Beach and spent the day with my aunt and uncle. They are going to get a new TV soon because their current one is a twelve-year-old projection set and it is definitely showing its age. The picture is warped, it’s losing its brightness, the focus is soft, and the colors aren’t that spectacular. I was telling them all about the Sony Projection LCD that Cameron recently put in his house and I think they are going to go that way. They are looking at the model that he has and also the next step up. My uncle is into having a huge picture so he feels he needs the 60″ one. That 50″ just isn’t good enough.

I will very likely wind up in Long Beach again later this week because they are having trouble with their computer. I took a look at it yesterday and it is a bit messy. They have a Windows XP machine that they bought a year ago or so. It is now infected with 4 different viruses which have oh so conveniently attached themselves to necessary files like the winlogin.exe. Plus they have about 25 different adware and spyware programs that are now running on their computer. Norton Anti-Virus wasn’t able to get rid of any of it. Unfortunately I’m probably going to have to do a complete re-install. It’s possible that I might be able to boot from the system CD and replace the 4 infected system files with clean ones from the CD, but I’m not sure. Then I still have to track down all those adware programs try to disable them manually. Pain in the butt!

I told them that after I get this done, we’ll have to sit down and I’ll show them a bit about what kinds of things not to trust. And what kinds of things not to install on their computer.

It’s so much easier on a Mac!