Amazingly Colossal

Insanity! The NAB trade show is huge. Think of something big. Now think of something that could beat up that big thing. Now triple the size of that. You’re starting to get the picture of just how big this thing is.

We spent nearly 5 hours today tramping around there talking to people, checking out the latest audio and video hardware, and I am beat. We skipped most of the broadcast video stuff. Spent a lot of time in the Audio / Radio section, and barely touched on the “Multimedia” area. We’re going back tomorrow. That multimedia section is where Apple, Avid, Digidesign, ATTO, Discreet, Adobe, and all the other computer-based hardware and software guys are.

I have spent my share of time at the San Diego Comic-Con and I thought that event was big. This doesn’t even compare. More later. We’re about to go to dinner and Cameron has to see the Lakers.