Great Googly Moogly!

… or How To Blow Your Website Statistics Right Out Of The Water.

I’m a sound guy. They pay me to put funny noises in movies. I like to play with computers. I watch Star Trek, and I love fantasy books and video games. It’s a simple life, but I enjoy it.

So I decide to put up this website because maybe there’s that one other person out there who finds anything I have to say moderately interesting. Yesterday was one month to the day that I started tracking my weblog’s statistics with Site Meter. In one month I had 400 visits. Something like 14 visitors a day. And I know that at least one of them is my friend, Ariel, from college.

Last night I decided to do a little playing with the new iTunes that Apple released, and I posted an article about some things I discovered. It is now after 9pm here in the West Coast and I have had 834 visits to my site! In one day! Someone must have thought my look at Lossless compression noteworthy enough to post it to MacSurfer this morning and I have had a steady stream of traffic ever since.

It’s truly amazing. Maybe this graph can show you the huge difference.

Number of Visits Per Day For the Past Month

Prior to today, I had about 25% of my traffic from Macintosh computers. I know that a nice chunk of that was my own since I’m often checking and rechecking spelling, grammar, or finding an article reference in a new post. After today however… well, I’ll just let this one speak for itself.

Percentage of Visitors by OS

Well I’m flattered. Thank you all for visiting. Feel free to drop by again in the future. Though I will understand if I don’t have another 800+ day for a long time.