Insert Aphorism About Rain Here

Today was a very busy day at work. Sometimes I wonder why we even bother to plan things out ahead of time. It always changes. Of course I’d rather be organized about my job and have to modify my plans, then rely on total chaos. Chaos theory makes good quirky movie characters as played by Jeff Goldblum. It’s makes real life a pain in the ass if you have deal with it.

Yesterday the plan was that we had to turn over our work by early Saturday morning for a screening on Monday. About lunch time today we found out that now the screening is Friday so the editorial is due Thursday at noon. Ouch.

Cameron’s been cutting away like a mad man. I got all those new sound effects we recorded yesterday mastered and added into the library. They worked out great with this picture. I spent a large chunk of the day today auditioning sound from the library ahead of Cameron and handing him lists so that by the time he got to areas he needed to cut, I had already narrowed things down for him. Trying to speed this whole process up.

Tomorrow we’re in early for more. I hope I don’t have to miss the Sleater Kinney show tomorrow night.