Totally Devoted To You

Let me tell you a little story:

Cameron and I have offices on the Fox Studios lot in Century City. That’s where we do our sound work. We are in one of the older buildings. If you look at early pictures of the studio from the 1930s you can see our building.

When we moved in in 2002, our building definitely needed some work. We spent time cleaning things up but it still wasn’t great. Thankfully our amazing building manager, Mike, came up with some money to fix the place up and in July 2003, we moved out of our rooms while the entire building was redone. New carpet. New paint. New bathroom. It’s looks pretty sharp now.

Cameron and I temporarily shared a large office in another building for the few weeks it took the workers to finish the job.

Let me just make a side note here that Fox Studios is home to 20th Century Fox FIlm Studios, Fox Television, Fox Home Entertainment, and the various Fox Cable News and Sports channels. Because of this many production companies have offices on the lot: Ten Thirteen Productions you might remember from “The X-Files”, Steven Bochco who created “NYPD Blue”, and Joss Whedon’s company, Mutant Enemy, that brought us “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”.

Now back to our story…

In a drawer in a desk in the room that Cameron and I shared, I found these. And they’re awesome:

Buffy Postcard 1, Front

Buffy Postcard 1, Back

Buffy Postcard 2, Front

Buffy Postcard 2, Back

Buffy Postcard 3, Front

Buffy Postcard 3, Back

Buffy Postcard 4, Front

Buffy Postcard 4, Back

Buffy Postcard 5, Front

Buffy Postcard 5, Back

Thank you, Angelia, for your “500 Reasons I’m A B/A Shipper [Buffy/Angel Relationshipper] And Always Will Be.”