Alien Nazis. I Hate Alien Nazis.

Well the third season of “Star Trek: Enterprise” has come to an end and we’re left wondering how Captain Archer escaped from the exploding Xindi weapon and wound up on what is apparantly 1940s Earth with an alien dressed up as a Nazi. That one came out completely from left field. Hopefully it’ll be a cool and interesting little mystery to solve at the start of Season 4.

I was a bit disappointed to see yet another “action hero outruns the big explosion” scene. Please. This has to stop. I can’t even begin to count the number of movies and TV shows this is in. No more. Diving for cover: fine. Ducking around a corner or behind a solid object: fine. Running faster than an enormous fireball and shockwave: completely stupid and so over used that people should be ashamed to even think of including it in a storyline.

Despite my aversion to that particular cliche, I’d rather watch an episode of any flavor of Star Trek then pretty much anything else on TV. Reality shows? Yeah, right. Sitcoms? No thanks.

“Enterprise” can’t hold a candle to the all-time best Star Trek series ever, “Deep Space Nine”, but it’s still pretty good. They need more Jeffrey Combs though. I don’t care if he comes shows up playing Herbert West, Re-Animator. (Actually that might be kind of cool.) He was awesome as Inspector Brunt and Weyoun on “DS9”. He’s awesome as Shran. We just need more.

Now I did notice a weird slip. Or maybe it’s not so weird. Maybe it’s a hint of what’s to come next season. When T’Pol made her entry in the Starlog as Acting Captain, she said the year was 2152. Not 2154 like it’s been all season long. Of course this could point to yet another reset button time traveling thing. And what a struggling show does not need is a “the whole last season was just a dream” story–or in this case meant nothing because time traveling made sure that whole thing never happened.

Anyway, it’s was a pretty cool show though. It’ll be on again Sunday night if you missed it tonight. You can even catch up what happened this season over at the official Star Trek website.