A New Look

Well, I’ve finished up with a “quick and dirty” version of what MFTI looked like under MT2.661 with the new MT3 templates. It’s not perfect, but it’s mostly there. (I haven’t put the title graphic back in place. I figure I’ll save that for when I have all the little “bells and whistles” in place.)

I already love the new comment approval thing in MT3. I’ve been able to stop several Casino and P**** Enlargement spams in the short time that I’ve been switched over. It’ll be great when Blacklist is working with MT3 but this is pretty good.

And the UTF-8 default is great too. I’ve had the bandly mangled Japanese name for my website for a few years now, but the text didn’t work right in the old ISO encoding. Now I can use it again. If you can tell me what this means:


I’ll give you a cookie.

I have noticed that the email I get when a new comment is posted doesn’t display the Unicode characters correctly in the subject.

[Monsters from the Id æªç£å§æªè] New Comment Posted

They are fine in the body. I don’t think it’s Apple Mail causing the problem. It supports Unicode. I’ll have to look into this more.