More On RSS Feeds

I’ve been using PulpFiction Lite for several days now to keep up with the websites I read a lot and it’s working out great. Once I got over the initial onslaught of hundreds and hundreds of posts to slog through it’s fairly easy to stay up to date. One super important thing for people to do though: do not subscribe to more sites than you can handle. That was my initial problem. I added all the sites I read regularly to the ones that were already in the program and I got so overwhelmed so quickly that I almost gave up.

The best way to go about doing this is to only add the sites you normally read with your web browser and maybe one or two new ones. Try that out for several days and get used to it. If you can keep up with the volume of posts and want to add more, only then add a few more.

So I’m happy. I’m reading all the websites I read previously plus a few more and it’s pretty easy. The new posts come directly to me. No more loading and reloading of websites to see if there’s something new.

I have one big problem with PulpFiction Lite right now though. When it checks for a new posts in a feed–I have it set to check automatically every half-hour–it scrolls the preview panel where you read the post to the top. This is a big pain in the butt. Some RSS feeds like MacMinute only include a few words of the post, you have to click the link to really read it. Others like anything from, include the full post. So I usually just read it right there in the preview window. Since feeds are checked every half-hour from the time they were last checked, if you leave PulpFiction running for a while, you might end up checking feeds every few minutes. This is a lot of interruptions when you’re reading a long post.