Lessons In Japanese

Now that I own a license to Movable Type 3, my weblog is listed on the “Recently Updated” sidebar at MT HQ whenever I post a new entry. This always results in a burst of traffic from Japan. I’m assuming that it has to do with the fact that I have Japanese characters in the name of my weblog. And it might even possibly say something meaningful.

I’m hoping that someone can answer a few questions for me. Is my Japanese even remotely close to something real? There’s an American perception (justified or not) that when you translate Japanese into English you wind up with some unusual ways of saying things. I was going for a bit of that idea when I used Apple’s Sherlock program to translate “Monsters from the Id” into “Monster Big Bad Brain” and came up with 怪獣大悪脳. I brieflly mentioned this in my comment to this previous post.

I know that 怪獣 is Kaiju. A giant monster like Godzilla. How do you write out the other characters in a Roman alphabet? And how is it pronounced? If I’m totally off base on this, how would you say “Monsters from the Id” in Japanese?