People Can Really Suck If They Put Their Mind To It

I got a call this morning as I was driving into work from Cameron. We are trying to finish up the sound for a scene that’s due in NY at noon on Monday. Since that’s 9am here, we basically need to get it all done tonight and load it up to the internet. (Just a side note, it was only a few years ago that this would not even be possible. We would have had to hire a courier to buy a plane ticket to NY and take a red-eye there.)

Cam is going to be a bit late coming in today because last night someone dumped an entire bucket of paint on his car! I cannot in begin to imagine what kind of person goes through life saying, “Hey, here’s an idea for someting fun…” Sure, when I was a kid we did our share of pranks—toilet papering a house or ding dong ditch—but nothing that did permanent damage. Annoying? Definitely. A pain in the ass? Probably. But throwing paint on a car is completely awful.

It’s not even like he’s driving a Hummer or something with no real value except to bleed gas and announce “Look what I can afford! Environment be damned!” He has a sporty little Jaguar. Definitely not a car that I would drive, or I should say that I would choose for myself. (Cam, one of the most generous people on the planet, let me drive his Jag for a month while my Honda was being fixed after an accident.)

Some people really suck.

Update: 9:40pm

Thankfully, the paint was water-based. Most of it is off Cameron’s car now. There’s still bits in the seams. Little spatterings here and there. Unfortunately his whole paint job on the car is scratched now since there was so much scrubbing for so long trying to get the paint off.

And in terms of the scene we’ve been cutting, we’re just about done. We’re meeting at the office at 7am to give it another once over, add in any little last minute bits, mix is down, and ship it off to NY.