That One Person Who Spoils It For Everybody

Since I was talking about how much people can suck earlier, I thought I would share this with you. Ever been in a situation with a group of people and one of them totally sucks? I mean where that person can make things so miserable that you’re not sure if you want to shoot them or yourself first? My friend Ben recently got back from a two month trip to Japan and Australia. He relates his misadventures with a fellow camper in Australia:

I swear that as soon as he got on the bus I sensed a weirdo. He was a
Canadian, not a bad thing, but right away I could tell he enjoyed
refering to his homeland as a pretty important place. Over the course of
the trip I learned that Australia and Canada are pretty much the same
country according to ole Del, and so is New Zealand and so is Japan and
so is Russia, on and on….

The next thing that became apparent was his instinctual desire to
consume anything that was even remotely associated with food in such a
gluttonous manner that it made me lose my appetite from almost the
beginning of the trip….

As if the food and inconsiderate sharing wasn’t enough, there is one
more aspect to Del that you readers at home must understand to get the
full Del experience. He stank like the bejeezus….

The only good thing actually about having Delano on the trip was his
ability to bring the rest of us together in our hatred…. So my new
theory is that we can send him to all the places where there is turmoil,
and both the warring sides, be it Palestine and Israel or Iraq and the
US, Northern Ireland and England or India and Pakistan, will bond and
unite over the hatred….