This Is Not My Beautiful House

Oh come on. You know you’ve done it. Everyone does it. At some point, no matter how many times you tell yourself that you’re not going to give in, you type your own name into the search field at Google. Just to see what pops up.

I have discovered that there are several versions of “not me” out there. Many others who—though they share my appellation—are not I.

I discovered that there is Jon Michaels, country music star. In fact you’ll find the most stuff on Google about him. I think he wins the award for being the most famous of all of us.

And of course, Jon Michaels, student of electrical engineering at the University of Illinois. He’s even built his own arcade game cabinet for MAME.

Don’t forget Jon Michaels, the hottest DJ in South Dakota, serving all your wedding, graduation, and other party needs. There are pictures of someone with my name hanging out with Wolfman Jack on that website!

One of my favorite movie critics, Joe Bob Briggs, did a bit nearly 15 years ago about how most radio guys are named Michaels. There are a few Jon’s in that list.

And would you look at that! I just found one at 93 KKNU. Jon Michaels, country radio DJ plays all the hits to relax you on your drive home from work.

There is also Jon Michaels, professional wrestler, who doesn’t sound like he’s very good. I quote: “Justin then mercilessly beat the hell out of Jon with a steel chair, repeatedly.”

And of course this list couldn’t possibly be complete unless there was a gay pornstar with my name. Thankfully he doesn’t have his own website. But he did wind up on the back cover of a movie called “Mass Appeal”. You’ll have to click the “continue reading” link below to experience that one.

Jon Michaels - Porn Star

Hi, to all the other Jon Michaels’ in the world! It looks like I’m in good company… I think… I guess… uh— Someone get my parents on the phone—we need to have a few words!