Time Is Of The Essence

It’s been quite a busy week for me, in fact it seems to have slipped right by me.

I read Terry Pratchett’s “The Thief Of Time” recently. (Or more accurately, listened to it.) A couple of the main characters of the story are History Monks. They’re responsible for taking care of time. The make use of devices called Spinners to adjust the flow of time. When someone is stuck in a boring lecture and time seems to crawl by, they can siphon some of that time off and use it areas where it’s needed.

Thinking back on this past week made me think of that. I could have used that extra time. Or maybe one of those monks siphoned it away from me and that’s why I can’t seem to remember it. Actually that’s not true. I remember what I did every single day this week. I’m just finding it remarkable that it passed so quickly.

When I was a kid I used to have this feeling that time passed so slowly. It seemed like forever until Christmas came around again or my next birthday. I thought it would take an eternity until I was finally able to get my driver’s license.

Now I’m afraid that time slips through my fingers like water. You cup your hands. Squeeze your fingers together as tight as possible hoping to seal all the cracks but it’s no use. The water still drains away. Still slides through spaces that might even been too small for you to see.

It is strange that the older we get the faster time passes before us. You blink and weeks have gone by. Stop and stretch and a year has passed.

I have spent 30 years on this planet and with any luck I’ll spend another 30 here—and hopefully another 30 after that. I just wonder how long it’ll actually take for those next 30 to pass me by.