The Best $5 I’ve Spent

You know those commercials where they say, “What can you get for a buck?” and then some ex-athlete proceeds to inform the public of benefits of dialing 7 extra digits for long distance phone calls? Well I often feel like, “What can you get for 5 bucks?”

And then I found Synergy. (Ok, so it’s actually 5 euros—something like $6.32 with the exchange rate.)

You listen to iTunes while you’re working / reading / hanging out / living, right? Of course you do. We all do. That little shrunk down iTunes window is pretty handy. It’s small. Gives you the song information. Let’s you play/pause and move forward and back. Everything you need, but it still takes up space. You need to position all your applications so that you can use it. And it can easily disappear behind a window if you’re not careful.

Synergy is the perfect iTunes remote. It gives you all the same functionality and it doesn’t take up the space. The control buttons wind up in the menu bar next to things like your clock and volume control.

Synergy controls in menu bar

And the track information? It shows up as an overlay over all your windows when the song starts.

Synergy track info overlay

It includes a Pref Pane where you can set everything from the position of the overlay to hot keys for switching tracks to the look of the buttons. And a ton of other things as well.

Clean. Simple. Easy. And just 5 bucks. (Or it would be $5 if our economy wasn’t in the toilet.)