Unfortunately Frank’s Not Around To Save The Day

Since I’ve already started out the day with a political stance, I might as well continue. Paul Krugman wrote a fascinating editorial in the “New York Times” yesterday called “The Arabian Candidate” where he puts forth the idea that despite all the bumper stickers to the contrary, Al Qaeda would probably much prefer a second term Bush to Kerry.

Mr. Bush’s “war on terror” has, however, played with eerie perfection into Osama bin Laden’s hands – while Mr. Bush’s supporters, impressed by his tough talk, see him as America’s champion against the evildoers.

(The New York Times requires registration to read their online paper. With all the weblogs linking to articles from this paper and others, it’s probably a good idea to start setting up accounts for yourself. However, I completely understand if you’re miffed by this. Bug Me Not will help you out by giving you a username and password. Actually Cory Doctorow has an nice little blurb about the evils of registration.)

Thanks to Boing Boing (again) for leading me to Aaron Schwartz’s site which lead me to the editorial.