The Best Of Both Worlds

No, this is not another Star Trek post. Nor a reference to the choice of Dave or Sammy in the new Van Halen greatest hits album. (We’re all desparately trying to forget the fact that for a brief time there was a third.)

This is actually heralding the newly announced Movable Type 3.1 coming to a weblog near you on August 31. Many have critiqued Six Apart, particularly with the recent change in licensing, for continuing to provide weblog software that natively only supports static pages, while many other weblog and CMS systems are PHP based.

No longer. (Wait for it.) Movable Type 3.1 will offer the best of both worlds where publishers can decide on a per-template basis whether to offer a dynamic or static page. (We have titular line.) This is a huge step forward. There are distict advantages to both methods. Static pages offer a much lower server load while dynamic pages can generate information on the fly, instantly incorporating new content.

Other improvements include post scheduling, a subcategory management system, and new hooks for plug-in developers. Not to mention all the winning plug-ins from the recent contest.

I personally am anxious for this new software. It should certainly add whole new levels to what you can accomplish with your weblog.