On The Job

Since I’ve been busy with work I’ll keep it simple with some more pictures:


That is Robert's banana.

"And over here you'll see more big buildings."

Mix magic.

I still need to figure out a way to get these images to automatically display in a sidebar in Movable Type from my album in Gallery. Anyone have any good ideas? I’m figuring it’s going to have to be with PHP. I was at first hoping I could do it with the new RSS feature of Gallery 1.4.4 but it simply posts info about the entire album when it’s updated. It isn’t actually a “latest images” feed. My other idea is parsing the .dat files themselves in the album. But that’s going to require me to learn some PHP. If anyone can help with this I would be mucho apreciado.

Brandon has an excellent MT plugin called Photo Gallery that is really easy to use. Unfortunately since it does use MT tags and MT uses static pages right now, it doesn’t update with new images as I post them. I would have to trigger a rebuild every time a new photo wound up in my album.