Monkey Hate Clean

Who can forget the Bathroom Monkey?

“Now my bathroom’s monkey clean and monkey fresh.”

Koko on the other hand, doesn’t hate clean. As recently mentioned by Boing Boing, Koko asked to see the dentist for a tooth ache. Feel better, Koko. Maybe the doctor will let you pick a goodie from the jar.

And while I’m on the subject of monkey business, we should all take a second to mourn the passing of Fay Wray, the beautiful blonde damsel-in-distress from King Kong.

(Sorry about the Windows Media file of “Bathroom Monkey”. I know it totally sucks. I have another copy that’s a muxed MPEG1 (VCD format) but Quicktime Pro was refusing to acknowledge the audio tracks when I went to convert it to MP4 and I didn’t want to spend the time now looking for a demuxing program.)