What A Crazy Day!

I’ve been so busy the last week. Most days at work have been 8am to 10pm. I’ve been trying to squeeze time in for testing ecto before I go to bed but there’s not a lot for that. I was having a lot of trouble posting to my weblog with ecto. I think I have all the bumps worked out. I’ll write about it later when I’m sure.

I ended up doing an emergency reconfigure of my website to get ecto running. It was something I was always planning on doing but not in such a short time span. Unfortunately it’s left my photo albums in such a state that my email to Gallery gateway isn’t working right now. Hopefully I can get that up in the next day or so. I have some cool late-night shots of Universal’s backlot on my phone right now.

And my iPod decided to take a dump. Totally the wrong time for it. I live for that thing. It’s been fitful for awhile now. I’ve noticed it’s been having more and more trouble accessing the disk properly. Sometimes I would select a song and it would take a while to start playing or it just wouldn’t play. Occasionally it would go into clicking fits. Now I can’t seem to get it to play things at all. And my trick of resetting it by holding down the Play and Menu buttons now just erases everything off the hard drive. Of course it’s like a year and half old so it’s completely out of warrantee. And it’s the choice between $200 or $250 or whatever they’re charging to “fix” out-of-warrantee iPod’s now and $300 or $400 for a new one…

So of course I scheduled one of the three runs I had to make to the foley stage today in such a way that I could stop by CompUSA and pick up a new 4G iPod. I told you, I can’t live without my iPod.

Oh yeah, and I’m still at work right now.