Blacklist 2 Is Awesome

Thank you, Jay Allen, for creating such an amazing product. MT-Blacklist 2 is the coolest plug-in I’ve run on Movable Type—and I’m running Markdown which is super-cool in its own right, so I know how great plug-ins can be. In the 5 days since I started running it, I’ve blocked 231 comment and trackback spams. Prior to this I had moderation turned on for my comments so the spam never showed up but I’d still have to delete them from the database. And there was nothing I could do about trackback spam. It would show up on my site for as long as it took me to find it and delete it. With Blacklist I don’t have to do that. It just doesn’t show up. It’s truly great stuff. Plus with the auto-update feature I always have the latest list of ne’er-do-wells and blackguards.

It already has some pretty great hooks into the MT3 software. The entire interface is accessible from within MT for configuration. Plus little things like the link to submit checked comments for inclusion on the spam list make it a great addition. I can only imagine that it will be even better with MT3.1.