Request For Help: MT + + ecto

I would love to hear from anybody who has a Movable Type website hosted by and is using ecto to publish. I’ve been attempting to beta test the new version 2, but I’ve been having problems simply posting. Adriaan has said it’s a rare thing that he’s seen twice before where certain combinations of software don’t work well with ecto. So if anyone is doing this please email or post a comment below. I’d be interested to find out about the version of MT, the version of ecto, whether you’re using a cgi wrapper, what settings you had to change in your mt.cfg file, and any other tips or tricks you might have.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer.


This is the information about my setup. I am hosted by on a Pentium 4 running FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE, Apache 1.3.29, Perl 5.8.3, and MySQL 4.0.14. I have Movable Type 3.01D installed and running as a standard cgi process accessing a MySQL database. The necessary directories have their permissions set to 777. And in my mt.cfg file, I have the line NoTempFiles 1 uncommented. I’ve been using this setup since the beginning of March with no problems. (Well, actually back then it was MT2.661 and up until a few days ago, I was running under a cgi wrapper with permissions set to 755.) Posting from MT’s web interface has always worked great for me. The worst thing I’ve encountered is sites I’ve tried to ping timing out.

Now I’ve been trying to use the various beta versions of ecto 2 without much success. When I was running under the cgi wrapper, I couldn’t get the posts to go through at all. Or at least the server wouldn’t acknowledge them. I’d get the error I mentioned in this post. The posts would usually appear on my website but without a category.

Since I’ve turned off the wrapper, the posts are initially acknowledged by the server. The temporary entry ID that ecto assigns is replaced by an actual entry number from MT. However I often get an error about not being able to post. Not always—sometimes they do go through properly—but not often. These posts show up on my website as well and they include the category. Usually if I try to post again, it goes through properly. It will tell me that I have the option of a new post or editing the existing post. I select Edit Post and it goes to the server correctly. The post is retrieved from the server and the pings are sent out.

I’m wondering if anyone else is having or has had any similar problems with ecto—even ecto 1.x. And I would really appreciate any suggestions or fixes that anyone encountered along the way. It seems like a really nice program but these continual errors and always having to check to see if the post actually made it to my website kind of defeats the purpose of using it.