Brave New World

Ok, this is cool.

I took my car in for it’s 20,000 mile check-up. They say it’s going to take 2 hours and since I’m not working right now, I figured I might as well just sit and wait for it. Renting a car for 2 hours is silly.

Last night in anticipation of that, I finished setting up my virtual host on my laptop. I had already installed Movable Type 3, but I imported all the entries from my weblog, duplicated my templates from my regular site, and copied all the settings. Plus I installed Gallery and downloaded a copy of my albums. So I’ve logged into a local copy of MT and I’m working away on a newer, cooler version while I wait for my car.

But wait, it gets better… since I previously configured my laptop to log in to the internet using my cellphone as a bluetooth modem, I was able to jump online, check my email and make this post. It’s slow. I wouldn’t want to always be at this speed. But it works. And I’m just sitting here in the customer lounge of Robertson Honda.

It’s an exciting technological world we live in.