Woop! There it is.

I feel a bit like Microsoft. To get my redesign done and up I ended up tossing out quite a few goodies I was working on. I figured the major “look and feel” was the single most important thing. And since I’m going back to work this week, I had to get something up or it would languish for a while.

So it’s missing the font resizer that would allow you to choose between small and large fonts, and the style switcher so that visitors could turn off CSS if it wasn’t working with their browser. Also missing are a few new pages like “Downloads” that will turn up one of these days. There’s also a bunch of little tweaky stuff I didn’t get done like moving my affiliations list from the About page to the sidebar and validation of the code with appropriate links.

Despite all that I think the new look turned out pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself. And I was able to put in some fun new things like integrating the site with my photo moblog, and the new sidebar sections—recent comments and interesting links. Plus I have new RSS feed options. Take a look at the bottom of the sidebar for all the XML goodness.

So there you go. I welcome any and all comments. Please let me know if there are any display issues on any browser—I definitely couldn’t check them all.