No. Unless You Pay Us Lots Of Money.

I received the official word today from the “powers that be” at that they will not adjust their Reaper settings to accommodate Movable Type and publishing via XML-RPC. I understand their desire to keep their servers safe and functional. It’s good business practice. The thing that is a bit annoying is that I’m asking for support for something that is very common on the web. Commercial software that thousands of people use.

What made me angry was the suggestion they made that I should get a dedicated server because then I wouldn’t have any restrictions. Anyone can run MT with a MySQL database at for $18/month. I pay a little more for additional databases and more space and some other goodies. But their “solution” is for me to pay $150+ a month. That’s ridiculous and insulting.

I’m trying to calm myself and remind myself that they are not bad people. They really are just trying to keep their servers running at peak efficiency. And that telling someone that they can make a perfectly reasonable request happen with a 500% increase in fees is a simple error in judgment on their part. They should have just left it at we’re not changing our policy at this time.

(Of course all of this is possibly moot since I have successfully posted via ecto several times since my site redesign over the weekend. Let’s see how this one goes….)