Another Week, Another Lounge

Once again I find myself sitting in the customer service lounge of Robertson Honda working on my computer. When I took my car in nearly two weeks ago for a check-up, there was one thing they couldn’t complete without special-ordering a part.

I’ve had this recurring problem with my CR-V where the engine light comes and goes. When it first happened I looked it up in the owner’s manual and found that it means there’s a problem with the emissions system—usually it is no longer sealed. When I brought the car in they told me that it’s usually because the gas cap isn’t on tight enough. But they checked it out and found that the cap didn’t seal properly and so they replaced it.

That was a year ago and it continues to be a problem. I might go months without an engine light and then one day it’s on. I’ll get out, turn the gas cap tighter and sometimes the light goes out. But sometimes it doesn’t. And if it stays on, the next time I start my car it might be out. It’s very random.

Well I explained this all to them again when I brought my car in this last time and they checked it out and decided that the gas tube that runs from the outside of my car down to the tank is malformed and that caps are not fitting properly because of it. They ordered the new part. It’s now in and so I sit here waiting for my ride to Universal so I can go to work.

Since I’ve spent so many hours in these chairs I can definitely say that Robertson Honda has fairly comfortable chairs in their lounge. 😉