Moving Day

Today I’m saying ‘goodbye’ to Universal Studios. The show that was giving us space (not the show I’m working on right now) had an audience test screening last week and now it’s hunkering down for some additional shooting and lots of editing. They’re putting the sound crew on hiatus for several months.

Friday afternoon we ran around packing up rooms, breaking down Pro Tools systems, and rolling everything into two rooms that are being kept on the show so that things can be expanded quickly once it starts up again. This morning we’re moving a couple of systems over to a new location in Burbank. Actually we were going to be setting up shop there in two weeks anyway since there’s a little Disney project starting up then. But we had to find space for two weeks so my show can get through a temp dub and a test screening. We’re taking over some temporary rooms until the main ones are ready on Sept. 27.

The good news for me is that I’ll have a 5 minute commute to work.