The Software I Use

We got moved in to our new office today without too much trouble. I’m sharing a very small room with the ADR editor but thankfully it’s only for two weeks. Tomorrow I have to finish installing the necessary software on my computer. When I was at Universal I did most of my work on my own laptop. I would just have to jump on to the other assistant’s computer to digitize picture. But it’s certainly nice to have a full-blown Pro Tools sitting in front of me again.

This is my list of necessary software for Pro Tools assisting:

  • Pro Tools (duh)
  • DigiTranslator
  • Titan
  • Tape
  • Change Note Assistant
  • Final Cut Pro
  • BBEdit
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Filemaker Pro
  • Toast
  • Peak
  • Soundminer
  • A Better Finder Rename
  • Quickeys
  • Retrospect
  • Lots of “home brew” AppleScripts

The only one of those programs I can’t run in OS X is Tape. Damn effin’ Tape. I need to find another way to print cuesheets. I’m going to try experimenting with converting sessions and printing cuesheets in Nuendo. It can’t be that much more painful than Tape. Thankfully I can borrow I copy of Nuendo from the supervisor for my testing. If you’re going to compare prices for printing, $1200 for Nuendo vs. $200 for Tape isn’t much of a contest. Of course Nuendo is an entire sound editing program while Tape is just a piece of shit.