Damn, Dirty Astronauts

I came home tonight and took a look at my “Now Playing On Tivo” to see if there was anything I felt like watching. I discovered that my intrepid little box decided to record an episode of “Simon & Simon” for me. Remember that one? From about twenty years ago, two private investigator brothers trade barbs and solve crimes? I never really watched it as a kid. Shows like “The Greatest American Hero”, “CHiPs” and “The Dukes Of Hazzard” were much more my style.

Only in the 80’s would this seem like a good plot:

Simon & Simon

“The Wrong Stuff” (1984) Jameson Parker, Gerald McRaney, Tim Reid.
A teacher (Dianne Kay) asks the Simons to find the source of pornographic movies taken of her, a trail which leads to an ex-astronaut.

Of course I immediately thought of the “dirty astronauts” from various skits from the “Upright Citizens Brigade”. “We don’t need to moon-cheese baby!” And of course I did have to sit down and watch it. Unfortunately when the astronaut connection was finally revealed, it didn’t quite live up to kind of story I dreamt up in my mind after reading the synopsis. Though the “Vampire Cheerleaders” might make an interesting adult film.

Now the only question is why would Tivo suggest this to me?