Huma, Verminaard And Caramon Walk Into A Bar…

Today was an interesting day for me.

I offered my services to a great group of people doing some amazing work for the Neverwinter Nights game and they accepted. So as of this afternoon, I am officially a member of the Dragonlance Adventures team. Take a look at the screenshots in the gallery on their website and you can see the quality of work they do. I just hope that I can live up to their high standards.

One day when I was in fourth or fifth grade my mom took me to the bookstore to pick out some things to read. Actually she took me to the library and the bookstore often, but on this particular day I happened upon two paperbacks. One had a red spine—the other blue. They both had “dragons” in their title and I soon discovered the fantastic realm of Krynn.

Tanis, Flint, Goldmoon. Draconians and Kender. It’s cool to think that I’ll be making a contribution—small as it may be—bringing this world to your computer screen.