Ancient History

This is a blog I posted to practically daily for 9 months in 2004. I started it a few weeks after I turned 30. I didn’t continue it into 2005. It has languished quite neglected for many years, and has been seriously broken for about 4 years with hundreds of missing pages.

I have resurrected it, not because I intend to continue writing in it, but as a digital time capsule. I am also adding in some of my older websites including my first website I built in college. Not everything works exactly as it should, and there are lots of broken links–though I have linked to The Wayback Machine where possible.

Roadkill on the Information Superhighway (1994-1995)

I created this website as soon as NCSA Mosaic and the Netscape Beta web browsers added support for images. It included a site for one of my favorite bands at the time, The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, and a site for my late-night radio show, The Boneyard. This site predates The Wayback Machine as do many of the sites to which I linked. I’ve been able to restore most of what was on my own site, but almost all of the external links are dead, and many were never captured by The Wayback Machine.

The Donnas: Rock ‘n’ Roll Machines (1998-1999)

A Bay Area punk rock band that I saw many times in concert.

Right Turn Clyde (1999-2000)

A snarky zine about pop culture that my friends and I published.