May The Force Be With You

On my way into work this morning, I stopped by the ATM and Vending Machine room on the Fox Studios lot and snapped some pictures of the awesome display of “Star Wars” merchandise they have in case there.

These are from my cellphone:

Boba Fett, Luke & Darth Vader

Yoda, Stormtrooper & Obi Wan

Original Action Figures

I took much better pictures with my Minolta:

Books & R2D2

Action Figures

Tie Fighter & X-Wing

You can see all the photos in my Gallery album. This is the same display case that hosted the “Angel” Museum over the summer.

The Universal Photo Shoot

I’ve fixed most of the problems I was having after reconfiguring my website a few days ago. My email to Gallery gateway is working once again. I’ve updated my photo moblog with pictures from the last several days at Universal:

08_18_04_2143.thumb.jpg 08_18_04_2144.thumb.jpg 08_18_04_2146.thumb.jpg

08_18_04_2147.thumb.jpg 08_18_04_2148.thumb.jpg 08_19_04_1018.thumb.jpg

08_19_04_1506.thumb.jpg 08_19_04_1507.thumb.jpg 08_20_04_1235.thumb.jpg

On The Job

Since I’ve been busy with work I’ll keep it simple with some more pictures:


That is Robert's banana.

"And over here you'll see more big buildings."

Mix magic.

I still need to figure out a way to get these images to automatically display in a sidebar in Movable Type from my album in Gallery. Anyone have any good ideas? I’m figuring it’s going to have to be with PHP. I was at first hoping I could do it with the new RSS feature of Gallery 1.4.4 but it simply posts info about the entire album when it’s updated. It isn’t actually a “latest images” feed. My other idea is parsing the .dat files themselves in the album. But that’s going to require me to learn some PHP. If anyone can help with this I would be mucho apreciado.

Brandon has an excellent MT plugin called Photo Gallery that is really easy to use. Unfortunately since it does use MT tags and MT uses static pages right now, it doesn’t update with new images as I post them. I would have to trigger a rebuild every time a new photo wound up in my album.

The One Where Angel Is Turned Into A Muppet

This one is for all you fans of the “Angel” telelvision show.

There’s a room on the Fox Studios lot that has the ATM and some vending machines for employees. There is also a glass case where they set up a mini-museum dedicated to Fox produced TV shows and movies. Every few months they change out the items that are in the case.

Right now it is featuring props from “Angel” including the infamous Angel Muppet.

Angel Muppet

I posted more pictures on my .Mac website. And if you missed it, there’s also the story about the Buffy postcards.

It’s The Little Things

I mentioned some of the “features” of the room I stayed at in Missouri when I went to my uncle’s wedding. I thought I might show you a few of them.

Who needs little bars of soap...
Who needs little bars of soap…

When you can have a "soap system"?
When you can have a “soap system”?

Ducks, the new "high art"
Ducks, the new “high art”.

Quail, the other form of "high art"
Quail, the other form of “high art”.

Fake plastic plant #1
Fake plastic plant #1

Fake plastic plants #2 and #3
Fake plastic plants #2 and #3

Obviously I was spoiled by my stay in Las Vegas.

Badges? We Don’t Need…

A few pictures of the room I stayed in at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Sitting room of mini-suite at The Hotel
The sitting room / office of my mini-suite.

Office area of mini-suite at The Hotel
The office part of the room.

My NAB badge
My NAB badge and a kazoo I got from Location Sound.

I took pictures of the bedroom and the bathroom as well but they came out even worse then these. Suffice to say that they are really nice rooms.