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Forward Til Death

Forward Til Death Sanctuary 13 - Avail

There Goes Another - The Crumbs

Get Rid Of That Girl - The Donnas 

Bad Boyfriend - Pansy Division

King Dork - The Mr T Experience

Devil Town - Groovie Ghoulies

Skater Girl - Squirtgun

Squeaky Clean - The Mopes

I'd Be So Pleased - The Hi Fives

We Don't Go - The Donnas 

Ouch - Gas Huffer

She Ain't No Egyptian -  The Smugglers

I've Been Hittin' On A
Russian Robot - Boris the Sprinkler

Sidewalk City - Phantom Surfers & Dave Allan

I Sing the Body Cybernetic - Servotron

Habit - Citizen Fish

Alarms and Sirens - (Young) Pioneers

Thinking of You - Dr Frank

Checkin' It Out - The Donnas 

Musclehead - Pansy Division

Order - Avail

Sanctuary - Chrimpshrine

I Wanna Stab You With
Something Rusty - Criminals

CD (Lookout!, 1999, LK215)
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