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In Their Eyes
90s Teen Bands vs 80s Teen Movies

In Their Eyes Pretty In Pink - The Grown-Ups

Don't You (Forget About Me) - The Gadjits

A Million Miles Away - Dyslexic Crush

Somebody's Baby - Phantom Planet

If You Were Here - Ben Lee and Spitoon

Bring On The Dancing Horses - Round House

Oh Yeah - Crazy Glue

You MIght Think - F.O.N.

I Melt With You - The Rondelles

In Your Eyes - The Stinky Puffs

If You Leave - Marigold

Weird Science -  The English League

Raised On The Radio - Slimer

Johnny, Are You Queer? - The Knock-Ups

School's Out - The Donnas 

CD (Cheap Date, 1998, R2 75551)
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