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Hey! I want to make a confession!


I saw them last Thursday (5/4) at the Rat in Boston.  
Really great to see them in a small club again before 
they go out to play Lollapalooza.  There were too many 
skins there.  They just wanted to beat everyone up who 
was in the pit.  Bosstones wouldn't play "Whats at Stake" 
for them though . . . a good thing too, even though I 
like the song.  They stopped "Chocolate Pudding" in the 
middle because some guy was laying motionless on the stage.
He was okay though.  Shootyz Groove opened up for them, 
also Mung who sounded better than I had ever heard them.  
Much tighter musically.


My favorite was a show at BU, maybe '91 or so, when the fuckin' BU cops
threw a guy out of the show for- believe it or not- getting up on stage.
Dickie stopped the show for about 10 minutes to rant at a bunch of confused 
BU police and find the friends of the guy who got thrown out. Anyway Dickie
got the guy's name and said that guy could come to whatever show he wanted,
he was gonna put him on all the future vip lists, whatever. He called the
BU cops some names I'd never heard before. Was anyone else there?



adam fry

I think it sucks that your guys are on the lollapalooza tour. i was hopping 
to see you at a smaller venue. I hope that is not your queations' tour. 
Big halls suck!

Gus Mabus

I have seen the Bosstones about eight times, but the best show was
at Brandeis a couple of years ago.  They played with Dogzilla, Bim Skala Bim, 
and The Wailers(as in Bob Marley &).  Because of technical difficulties, the 
show went 'til two in the morning or so.  By the time the Bosstones got on, 
all of the jocks were gone, all of the drunks were passed out, and all of the 
skinheads had finished beating the $#!+ out of each other.  It was a great,
happy show!  
     As a second confession, my life is now complete, since I now know that 
they like my band, the Slow Children.  I gave Dicky a tape, and when I saw him
at the next show, he said it was "Fuckin' awesome!"  and that he was "Honored"
to meet me.  Gee willikers!  If you give a damn check out our WWW site.
(see above)


I remember the second time I saw the Bosstones play...  

You guys opened up for Bim Skala Bim at UNH, when I was a freshman.  I talked
with most of use guys before the show and you were all totally cool.  After
the show, Dickie was signing autographs and I got one myself.  Anyway, Dickie
was so cool that he came back and partied in my room.  We boozed up for a while
and most of my dorm stopped into my room to see the rock star.  He told us cool
stories and we talked about those bitchy X-Girlfriends...  Basically, it was a
great, drunken time and I even got written up by my RA for it.  Dickie, I 
really appreciated you being so cool, it made everyone's weekend!

So, with all of your success, I hope you remember us the little people who
helped you start out...  The Bosstones on MTV, who would have thought...  You
guys still jam, and congratulations on the new albums that you guys put out, 
they keep getting better..

Hey, does Metallica know you ripped off their "Creeping Death" guitar riff on
the first song on "Don't Know How To Party"?

See you around,

-> Sully <-

Hey, is Lollapolooza happening?


Mighty, Mighty Bosstones!!
    Recently my friends and I have been to two of your 
shows in Rochester, N.Y. The first one we saw was at
the Harro East Theater. It was awesome. I'm sure you
remember us. We were the "Rochester Fin Heads" as 
you called us. You invited us up on stage to skank. 
We were the guys with spiked hair and stuff.   
   That show at the Harro East theater was so much fun
that we didn't stop skanking for the rest of the night.
   Next we saw you when you played at our campus,
RIT. We brought our hair to that show too, and again
you acknowledged us. You even said that,"This show 
goes out to the Rochester Fin Heads!"
     You don't know how great it made me feel. You 
are great guys to notice that some people don't go 
to your shows just to mosh like a bunch of idiots. We 
just want to skank and enjoy your awesome music.
It was great to see that a lot of other people feel the 
same way as we gained a bunch of followers in our
"skanking circle."
   After the show Dicki even came off stage to shake
our hands. I just want to say that it really meant a lot 
to me. He even gave my friend Shawn his shirt.
   You guys are great. I can't wait until the next time I 
see you play. Maybe at Lollapalooza. Be sure to come 
back to Rochester though. Thanks again and keep up 
the good work.
                                   Rochester Finhead,
                                             Travis Kiviranna

Chris Ash

My first Bosstones experience was way back in early 92(?)
They were playing in this little cafeteria-like thing on campus at Temple U.(Phila)
Anyway, I had just broken up with my girfriend, and needed an escape so I allowed my buddies to drag me there.
Blown away...The only expression I can come up with. A *crowd* of maybe 60 people. Skankin’, moshin’ a total “Bosstones” experience.
Anyway, I met this girl there, and had my friends introduce me to her. We got together and have been dating ever since.
No Bosstones show I have seen since can compare to that show and the intimacy They had with the crowd.

I knew that the Bosstones’ music was powerful, but does anyone else know of music that can induce love?
If I ever manage to reach Dickie (or any other member of the band...) I’ve got to ask them if they will play at my wedding.

Best show I ever saw.

daniel p.

i jumped up there and shook hands with em all, then got booted into the writhing masses.

kerplontiss t. welbdermask

the first time I ever saw the Bosstones was in 1984 before they were the 
bosstones.  At that time they were called Regis Jones and Dickie played bass
The band was on a 12 week tour in Delaware.  I was on the same flight out
 of Boston en route to dover.  Midway through the flight  the stewardess
began serving snacks.  Nate was very hungry and ate everyone in the bands
snacks.  He accomplished this by sitting down next to them in the aisle
seat.  He would strike up a casual conversation about linear equations existing
in n space, then suddenly would stare out the window and worriedly ask
his band mates if the engine was supposed to fall off the wing like that?
(you see the whole band had this fear of heights after they played a show
 on top of the green monster at fenway park two nights ago and they got struck
 by lightning and fell on top of Jim Rice, forcing him into early retirement
and hence the inspiration for the song haji).  Anyway, then nate would 
sneak their saltines.  so then nate got sick and and had to go to the
bathroom but went in the cockpit by mistake and threw up on the pilot
when the plane  went down Dickie went to the controls and safely landed
the plane in Las Vegas  


I remember seeing them for the first time somewhere in Boston (the past is 
kinda hazy for me). But I do remember seeing them at one of the College Fests 
in Boston, a gig at Tufts and another one at some juice bar in Chicago.

The first time I saw them was after they had released their first album. They
were a carefree bunch and everyone had a good time at their shows. When I was
in Chicago, I caught their show and after their set headed over to the bar
across the street (damn juice bars!) for a Sam Adams.  A few minutes later in
comes Dicky and a few other members of the band.  Dicky sees me and says "Hey!
Whatcha doing out here?" (Me being from Boston originally and having caught 
a couple of their shows and chit-chatting with the band afterwards) I said,
"I came out here just to see you guys!"  He smiled and went off to another part
of the bar. Nowadays, I don't think they'd remember some of their fans from 
the early days.  I saw them recently on the Jon Stewart show and it looks like
"success" has fattened Dicky up!

I also agree with Rattboy about them.....


Not really juicey gossip......could some kind soul mail me and let me know if (and when) the Bosstones are coming over 
to play in the UK - info. on them here is rarer than rocking horse dung. Cheers!

eric sigmon

I never sawe them in concert. I never saw them.


I got hooked back in 90 after hearing them on WPCR at Plymouth (NH)
State College.  Now the proud owner of as much BossTone gear as I can
afford, I still can't get enough.  As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "I
have a dream..."  Right now my dream is to see the guys in concert.  I
missed the Midsummer Hometown Throwdown last year because Uncle Sam
wanted my ass to go through basic training.  Now that I'm back at school,
way the hell away from civilization at the U of South Dakota, I am dying
for a chance to go see them.  After finding out that they'll be on the
Lollapalooza tour, I might just have to go this year.  If not, I hope that
there'll be another Throwdown once I get back to civilization (Boston).
	All I want for Christmas is my ticket to see the "Plaid Boys of
Boston".  If I could get it before Christmas, I'd be all the happier!
I can't believe people say that the 'Tones have sold out.  Totally untrue!
They're still mosh mad and plaid, and get me pumped everytime I hear them!
As long as they keep doing what they're doing, I'll stay a happy man!
	It's time for me to enjoy some Cowboy Coffee.  So, while I may
be a Tin Soldier, never say that I Don't Know How To Party, cuz I'm 
Bad In Plaid!

michael preiser

i am gay and want every member of the bosstones in the worst way, especially dickey.

B Tamilio

Not Exactly a confession, except that I saw the BossTones at Salem St. College
in MA in April 95 for the first time after being a dedicated fan for
5 years (since THE commercial circa 1989/90)... I got to slap
Dickie Barrett "5" and sing into the mic as I moshed my SKAll out..
It was THE MOST INSANE CONCERT I have ever been to..... and Im excited there is a whole
that there is a whole web page devoted to the Mighty Mighty BossTones


Nothing to confess really.  First time I heard of the Bosstones was
back in 91, I suppose...Saw their Converse ad and hung it on my wall.  When
I got to college, I had friends who listened to them, so I started to
as well.  Then last spring, I lived in Austria for a quarter and my
roommate was gaga for the Bosstones...So we played them 24-7.  Once at a bar
a bar in Salzburg, we met some other Americans...One said he was from
Boston and so my roommate mentioned the band- and that was all it 
took!  Love at first might...Anyway, I've only seen em once- Aug 95
in Cincinnati- good show although Dicky had cut his hair and looked a
little chunky...but so what- bosstones and beer- what more is there?


Nothing to confess really.  First time I heard of the Bosstones was
back in 91, I suppose...Saw their Converse ad and hung it on my wall.  When
I got to college, I had friends who listened to them, so I started to
as well.  Then last spring, I lived in Austria for a quarter and my
roommate was gaga for the Bosstones...So we played them 24-7.  Once at a bar
a bar in Salzburg, we met some other Americans...One said he was from
Boston and so my roommate mentioned the band- and that was all it
took!  Love at first might...Anyway, I've only seen em once- Aug 94
in Cincinnati- good show although Dicky had cut his hair and looked a
little chunky...but so what...Bosstones and beer...I mean, what else could you want? :-)


I wish dumbshits who supposedly don't like the BossTones would sto trashing them on their web page.
It's funny I have enough of a life where I don't have time to write to bands I
don't like.   I guess Rattboy doesn't.  if you think they've sold you out than youu
never really liked them in the first place.  They aren't trendy and neither are
us fans.

Ivan Brusic

    I'll see you all in Lollapalooza this summer in NYC!!!

Aaron King

My first Bosstones show was in Milwaukee.  A friend of mine who went to Stonehill college in Conneticut told us about them and got us hooked on their music.  So when we found out about them playing in Milwaukee we went.  It was one of the craziest shows I've ever been to.  When we went to pick up our tickets before the show I thought I saw Johnny Vegas out front but my friends said they thought it wasn't, sure enough it was and we didn't go talk to him.  Anyhow when it came time for them to start playing the area in front of the stage was getting packed, then the bagpipes, then the first thing that Dicky did when he came out on stage was dove into the crowd.  They then started playing and the place became a madhouse.  Bosstone fans are the best!  No other pit can you fall in and have five hands helping you up.  At the end I was exhausted.
The second show I went to was in Chicago.  We were walking around and bumped into Dicky out in the lobby.  Drunk!  Can you believe it!  He talked with us for a little bit and told me he liked my haircut.  There was a barrier in front of the stage but that didn't stop the stage diving at all.  Towards the end of the show, Dicky told the crowd he was really tired and really drunk, but he didn't want to go home.  And they played for a little while longer.  If you go to see them at Lollapalooza it probably won't be the same as one of their club shows.  I hope they come back to Michigan soon.

Jim Syring


I was first introduced to the Bosstones by a friend when i lived in Boston.I picked up a copy of "Devil's Night Out" and my first thought was, THESE GUYS ARE THE BALLS!! After that,I picked up every record and single i could find. I never got a chance to see them till I moved to Dallas. They packed this cool bar called "Trees". That was the first time I saw that bar so full. I was relly releived of the thought that I wasn't going to get to see them.

marieke stolk/PHK robstolk@xs4all

i think it was kind of nice! jolly! cheerfull...bye!

Adam Martin

Josh Renaud

I can't wait to see you cats at Lollapalooza.																													Keep Skankin'																																		Josh Renaud

Shannon Wallace shanwal@nervm.nerdc.ufl

First time I saw them, about the last thing I remember before the show is 
drinking large amounts of Beam and talking to one of the band members outside
the club. I do believe that he thought I was a total ass, and at the time
I probably was. Was a great show though...


I am tired of people like rattboy whining about the bosstones selling 
out and becoming soft. They still skank hard and if you don't like 
it then just quite listening. Just because they make a different record
you say they are sellouts. But if all their records sounded the same
you wouldn't want to buy them. I think that the new album is one of 
the best albums I've ever heard. And I hope its true that they are
playing Lollapalooza so that people that think that Smashing Pumpkins
and Green Day are good finally get to hear some real music. I think that
the BossTones are the greatest band that is still together and making
music. I hope all those alterna-putzez enjoy it when they skank in
their face at Lollapalooza. Long live BossTones!!!

Rob Terry (Pyrates)

The Bosstones are gods.. plain and simple. When I first saw them in 
concert, I learned the true meaning of music.. the glorious neato
feeling of a great band playing great music that got into you...
I've since experienced with other bands (shame) but, you know,
there's nothing like your first, and the Bosstones still leave that
special tingle. 

Mike Cipoletti

i saw them once at cw post and got kicked in the head
accedently by dicky it was a great show i remembered it for two weeks

derek ellis

1st time: you were with the dead milkmen-- i don't remember much i was really drunk
2nd time: i don't remember much i was really drunk, woke up with bruised groin

Marc Schaub Jr. Currently, none.

I was at a show one night at the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA.  They played with
Face to Face and Wax, and the show kicked serious butt.  Anyway, I was 
talking with Tim Burton (who, I must say, is a great guy and awesome
musician), and we were having a great little conersation when this idiot
my school comes up trying to plug his ska band who didn't even have a 
vocalist.  He actually wanted to get a gig with the Bosstones in Athens.
It scared Burton off, and I beat the Hell out of the guy later.

amanda thomas

I think you guys rule, for what it's worth. The loudness has kept me sane.

Please keep punk alive for the health of the survivors.


I just saw the Bosstones last night for the first time at Drexel University 
in Philadelphia.  It was a good show, but it was a little short, only about 
an hour.  They performed outside on our new field.  It was a free concert 
for students.  I was a volunteer and got go to go backstage and keep guard 
that nobody without a pass got backstage.  It was a lot of fun!  Their music 


The first time I saw the Bostones was in Tampa,FL at the Jannus Landing.  Less than Jake opened up for