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A Smattering of Works
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She romps across the galaxy with reckless abandon. Actually the image I made to teach myself Photoshop back in 1992. I created it on a Macintosh LCII in Photoshop 2.01. Ouch!
[ JPEG 48K ]


He crosses over and finds divinity. A little heavy-handed with Kai's Power Tools, I know, but great as an AfterDark multimodule with Satori behind it.
[ JPEG 82K ]

The Boneyard

The first on-line logo for my late-night radio show, The Boneyard.
[ JPEG 12K ]

In a Land of Giants

Reminds me of the Statue of Liberty scene from The Planet of the Apes. A joint work with Jason Chayes created in Wavefront on an SGI Iris. My first crack at the program.
[ JPEG 17K ]

Rampage: The Movie

All hell breaks loose when an innocent little children's toy vents its frustrations. Another joint work with Jason Chayes.
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