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The Albums

High School Yum Yum High School Yum Yum
7" (Radio X, 1995, RX09)
Let's Go Mano Let's Go Mano!
7" (Radio X, 1996, RX10)
Da Doo Ron Ron Da Doo Ron Ron
7" (Super*teem!, 1996, SUP4502)
The Donnas The Donnas
LP (Super*teem!, 1997, SUP3301)
American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine
LP/CD (Lookout!, 1998, LK191)
All Punk Rods! Gearhead & Lookout! Presents All Punk Rods!
LP/CD (Lookout!, 1998, LK193)
Rock 'n' Roll Machine Rock 'n' Roll Machine
7" (Lookout!, 1998, LK196)
Wig-Wam Bam Wig-Wam Bam
7" (Gearhead #7, 1998, RPM007)
The Donnas Reissue The Donnas Reissue
CD (Lookout!, 1998, LK201)
In Their Eyes In Their Eyes: 90s Teen Bands vs 80s Teen Movies
CD (Cheap Date, 1998, R2 75551)
Forward Til Death Forward Til Death
CD (Lookout!, 1999, LK215)
Get You Alone Get You Alone
7" (Lookout!, 1999, LK214)
Jawbreaker Jawbreaker Soundtrack
CD/CS (PGD/London Classics, 1999, 556033)
Get Skin Tight Get Skintight
LP/CD (Lookout!, 1999, LK225)
Detroit Rock City Detroit Rock City Soundtrack
CD/CS (PGD/Island, 1999)
Strutter Strutter
12" (Lookout!, 1999)


Ragady Anne

Raggedy Ann EP Ragady Anne EP
7" (Radio Trash, 1994?)



Steal Yer Lunch Money Steal Yer Lunch Money
CD (Sympathy, 1999, SFTRI 566)


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