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What's New

August 3, 1999

The tour dates have been updated to reflect some new dates here in America along with new information on the European tour. The albums and songs have also been updated to reflect Detroit Rock City and Strutter.

Coming Soon! Rock 'n' Roll Machines is moving to a new server. I've been hard at work on a new look for the site that will be premiered on the new server.


July 13, 1999

Where the hell have you been, young man?! I've been busy. Work mostly. I also managed to get completely addicted to Baldur's Gate. And I've been writing for my friend's new movie zine, Right Turn Clyde. Sorry for the long delay.

Lots of little updates here and there including "Get Skintight" (thought I still have to add lyrics and sound samples). I also switched to a new web authoring program. I was using Frontpage 98 in Windows 98 but I'm now using Dreamweaver 2 on my trusty PowerMac 7500 (poor little baby, scared of the big bad G3s). I'd love to see more Mac people on this site. If you're one, give a shout out. Maybe I can add some incentive like a Mac-only special thing. I'll think about that one.

The coolest addition has to be the Rock n Roll Machines Radio! Unfortunately I can't take any credit for it, except stumbling across it and programming the rotation lists. Check it out, it's very cool.


April 14, 1999

Added some new websites to the Links section. I wouldn't normally mention it but Melissa has a nice looking site. (a new Melissa to The Donnas scene) And then there's Owen... Owen, where did you ever find a graphic like that? I also removed the (dead?) link to Jake's old site. Anyone know if Jake's around at all? Did he end up moving to Seattle? Is he putting the site back up? I also updated the link to Evert's site in the Netherlands. He sent me email like a month ago and I never updated it. Sorry Evert.

Things I hope to get to soon: Go through and fix the problem lyrics. I know some of them are wrong. Also add in lyrics to songs that I'm missing, like "Get You Alone" and all the Ragady Ann stuff. Reorganize the Press section. I have to come up with a better way to get access to those articles. Plus I've got a ton of new ones to add. The Fan section also needs to be put into action. I'm hoping it'll be a place for fans to "hang out" and exchange stories, ideas, info, whatever. How about everyone submitting a picture of him or herself hanging out with the Donnas? I've seen other band websites that have this. It's fun. (I finally got my picture at the Whisky show... Thanks, Ace, for the snap.)


April 9, 1999

The pictures from the Donnas show at the Whisky are now online in the Images section! There is also a nice picture of the Donnas with the LA fan crew hanging out on the Sunset Strip in the Fan Stuff section.


April 7, 1999

New information about the forthcoming "Get Skin Tight" album, including a tracklisting and a few samples in the Albums section.


March 22, 1999

Lots of new lyrics are now online including the Electrocutes material and "School's Out".


March 17, 1999

The Electrocutes material is now online which completes the sound samples... at least until the new album comes out in June. I also added The Donnas P.O. Box to the Band Info section so that everyone can get in touch with the band directly.


March 15, 1999

I've updated the Band Info section... finally found out Brett's birthday... she's a Gemini. Plus I wrote a little history of the band thing for those people new to The Donnas. A few cosmetic changes like a new small burst logo for the pages (you can see it to the left of this text). And yes, I did give in to peer-pressure and install a counter on the main page.


March 10, 1999

I've completed all the samples from the Darin stuff which includes the first three seven-inches, the self-titled album, and the CD reissue. I've also updated the appropriate webpages in the albums and songs sections with links to these new samples. The only samples outstanding at this point are the Electrocutes material.

I realized while driving home from work last night that I forgot to include the BAM compilation in the album list. It includes "Checkin' It Out" on it. I'm not too concerned about it since it was only available here in California at The Wherehouse stores. Of course I left the CD at work... I'll update it when I can. But I might move on to tackling the song lyrics first.


March 9, 1999

I've added added to and modified the song samples. I'm no longer going to include the full song in the samples. Every sample will now be between 30 seconds and a minute long (depending on what makes sense for each song.) This will free up disk space and plus I was feeling a little weird about including full songs. Sure it was a lo-fi, heavy-compressed mono version but it was still the full song.

So what do you need to listen to these samples? You need at least a 28.8 modem connection. If you have something slower you really should think about investing $50 in a faster modem... you'll find the internet to be a much more enjoyable experience. You also need to have RealPlayer 5.0 or later (including the new G2) installed on your system.

I now have samples for all the songs on American Teenage Rock 'N' Roll Machine, the Ragady Anne EP, as well as all the compilations and most of the 7" releases. I'll finish up the pre-ATRNRM material and Electrocutes soon.


March 7, 1999

Amy and I are back from rocking out with Sleater-Kinney this weekend, so I've had the chance to do some more work on the site.

The Albums and Songs sections are now up to date. I still have to type up a bunch of new lyrics (and go back and fix some old ones) but at least you can see every release by the Donnas.

The Images section finally has my pictures from the Foothill and Troubadour shows back in October.

Several minor fixes including a typo in my email address on most pages and filling in the text field of most images.


March 5, 1999

This is the first update to this site in quite a while. I know that I haven't done much to it in the past several months, but there's been a lot that's happened to myself in that time. There was speculation at one point that this would be the new location of Donnas Fan Club run by Melinda Walker. I want everyone to know that this will not be the site of the fan club. This is just a personal fan site that I will continue to update when I can.

So what have I been up too? Mostly my work takes up a lot of my time. It's definitely fun to work in Hollywood but it completely controls your life and doesn't give you a lot of free time. I did however recently finish up an big update to the official Toilet Boys website.

This update is a modified version of the new site that I developed back in December but never published. It includes some new sections like this one, and also involves some reorganization, including the use of subdirectories here at Geocities. I'm sorry if any links that you might have had do not work anymore.

I hope you have as much fun exploring this site as I have making it.

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