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(actually that's supposed to read "RTC Rehash" but at least you're still reading)

"RTC taught me things that I didn't
know I didn't know." --The Doctor

A Mini-Memo To Courtney Love
Things we think of when we see Courtney Love at an awards show: Harrison Ford jumping from the prison bus, Jon Voight riding into a fateful tunnel, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor's high-speed antics. This year, the human train wreck was illogically chosen to present the Best Song award at the 2000 Golden Globes. Ms. Love, dismayed at the omission of "The Great Beyond" from her movie, Man on the Moon, announced on the pre-show interview that she was going to sing a few bars from the REM song onstage.

Sure enough, she stepped up to the mike singing, "I'm pushing that elephant up the hill...", then coyly added, "Aren't I subversive?"

Well, Courtney, you can stop wondering, because it's NOT subversive if you announce it to millions of people before you do it.

And if it keeps you off of future awards shows, the actual lyrics are, "I'm pushing that elephant up the stairs." No word how whether REM will ever contribute a song to another film soundtrack, but it wouldn't surprise us if they didn't.

Headline News reports:
The makers of Snow Falling in Cedars allowed actual Japanese Detainment Camp victims to act as extras in the film's camp scenes. What?!? What's next? Spielberg recruited Jews for stunt double work on Schindler's List?

... .. LOLA ... ..
Watch closely during the opening credits of Run Lola Run. Each actor's face is shown onscreen along with their character's signature of their name. Look for the signature for the Elderly Blind Lady, who cheekily checks in in Braille.

Who was Dirk Diggler's grandfather?
We thought Quentin Tarantino cornered the market on Intertextual Characters-namedropping characters from one movie in another movie in an attempt to create a wider character mythology. (example: Steven Soderberg one-upped QT by taking Michael Keaton's Jackie Brown character and placing him into his version of Out of Sight.)

With the release of Magnolia, Paul Thomas Anderson gets into the mix, but you have to go back to his first film, Hard Eight to get the reference. At one point, Jimmy (Samuel L. Jackson) is listing the people that Sidney (Philip Baker Hall) used to be involved with and he names Floyd Gondolli and Jimmy Gator. Floyd Gondolli is Philip Baker Hall's character in Boogie Nights and Jimmy Gator is his character in Magnolia. Somewhere PT Anderson smirks a mile wide

For everything else you wanted to know about Magnolia:

THE ART OF THE PRESS JUNKET or how I stopped loving movies and decided to ruin them for the audience.
First off, let us admit, that there once was a slight chance that we were going to see Eye of the Beholder in the theatre. Yes, it has Ashley Judd and Ewan McGregor in it (the last good movie those two were in: Ruby In Paradise & Trainspotting) but the director did Priscilla: Queen of the Desert and the trailer felt like outtakes to John Dahl's The Last Seduction (which is a good thing). But a pox on the house of the Today's show, Matt Lauer for ruining not one, not two, but three major plot points in his January interview with Ashley Judd, two days before the movie came out. This includes a major character reveal and the death of another character. We never though that we'd say this, but please bring back Gene Shalit.

Pacific Bell Customers
That's Chris Eigeman of Whit Stilman movie fame, as the disembodied voice that says, "The telephone is once again your friend."


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