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Spanking The Monkey

"In the ongoing struggle to bring together factioning nations, RTC goes above and beyond to shine an ambassadorial light upon war-torn vistas. They have given us all reason to pause, put away our squabbles, and laugh at the contemporary state of cinema (albeit while we are standing knee-deep in the blood of our firstborns.)"
                                  - Ezekial O'Malley, United Nations


"They make funny placemats."
                                  - Hazel, Waitress at the Albequeque, NM Waffle House


"I may have invented the cure for polio. but the person who invented RTC, they are the true genius."
                                  - Jonas Salk


"And when RTC saw the breadth of its' domain, it wept for there were no more worlds to conquer."
                                  - Hans Gruber


"Ub rubba slof dee-too da greatest ub dolldime."
                                  - Muhammed Ali


"There is no God. Thank heaven for RTC."
                                  - Jean Paul Sartre


"What fascinates me most about RTC is the amount of free time that these people must have. When do they eat? When do they sleep? When do they get their medication refilled?"
                                  - Ariel Gogetter


"If I didn't love RTC so much, I'd put bullet holes in all of them some bitches."
                                  - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance


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