Right Turn Clyde
Volume 1 Issue 7 - In One Year And Out The Other
Your Monthly Dose Of Cynicism

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Spanking The Monkey

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Madeline Kahn
I See Dead People

in this issue...

Muppets, Gremlins, Comic Books, TV Movies, Tom Hanks' Expanding Girth, Christmas Films, Child Actors, Lone Gunmen, Serial Killer Classified Ads, and a girl named Asia.


RTC Fun Game

Name three good movies with "The Last" in the title.

Now name 10 bad ones.


RTC's Movies For The Next Millennium

Faster Pokémon, Kill! Kill!

Michael Apted's 91 Up

Ever seen
John Carpenter's Dark Star?

Got a superfast
internet connection?

Go to www.bijoucafe.com
and screw Blockbuster.

This issue of RTC brought to you by JM Inc. Portal-keepers of the Stars.

And read P.A. Lloyd Rice's diary or the BJM site. Then quit your job.




Take 2 Aspirin And Call Us In The Mourning
Roger Ebert

The Girth Mile
Tom Hanks

Stranger In A Strange Land
Cameos In Muppet Movies

The Moppet Show
RTC Handicaps Child Actors

RTC Goes To The Movies... At Home
A Look At Upcoming Movies Of The Week

Who Says It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?
Holiday Favorites For Everyone

There's a Monster In My Pants!
Gremlins And Their Offspring

Portrait Of One Determined Little Monkey

Crowe's Feat
RTC's Insider Blows Smoke Up Your Ass

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots
Rocky 4 vs. Lost In Space

Suicide Is Painless
Death In Hollywood

Marlon Brando, Corner Pocket
RTC's Favorite Chrome Domes On Film

You Gotta Be F---in' Kidding
Bicentennial Man, Supernova

The Talented Mrs. Ripley
Galaxy Quest

Where's Hitch?
A Blind Person's Guide To Hitchcock Cameos

On Second Thought, Maybe I Don't Want A DVD Player

RTC's Holiday Video Pacifier
The Ref


Top 5 Movie Lists
Grant Morrison
Dean Haglund

Dear Chow
An Open Letter To Chow-Yun Fat

Asia Argento

30 Minute Movies
Under Siege

Shoutouts And Other Acts Of Self-Promotion


Why Does Mr. Pants Know This?
Midnight Run

The Sidebar
Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Farley, Mars Movie

Interview With A Serial Killer
The First Game Of Mass Murder


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