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About Right Turn Clyde

RTC is a monthly film zine with a printed distribution of three hundred. We also have a web version. (I'm hoping that this is more than obvious to you at this point.)

If you would like a printed copy of RTC, or even better would like to distribute many copies of RTC in your area, please write to us at infinite-slack@home.com and give us your name, address, email, and a brief description of the most interesting thing that's ever happened to you in a movie theater. (On second thought, nevermind about that movie theater thing.)

If you have questions or comments about any of the articles you read in RTC, you can reach us at the same address. Also, if you find yourself strangely compelled to submit something for an upcoming issue, the same address would apply. (Are you seeing a pattern here?... Unless of course you're bored with Monkey's address, in which case, I'm more than happy to accept email, jonmichaels@earthlink.net.)

Do Robots + Monkeys really equal Great Movies? Do you think we are the neatest thing since sliced bread? (Or we're at least the most interesting thing you've found on the net in the last three minutes... you're still looking for that rare Britney Spears / Backstreet Boys photo.) How about linking to us? We have lots of fun banners at the end of this page to add to your website.

Is your site RTC worthy? (Ok, so it's not like we are exactly picky.) Maybe you'd like be listed on our links page, or maybe you have a banner you would like displayed on our site. Write to us at jonmichaels@earthlink.net. Send us your link with some info about your site. If you have a banner, attach it to the email. Make sure it is 468 x 60 and under 15KB in size.

Meet The Staff

Satisfy your long-standing curiousities about any deep-rooted psychological "issues" that our contributors may have buried in their past.

The Brain
The Doctor
Dr. Bootylicious
The Lip
Mr. Gusta
Sauce Tarte
Serial Killer
Shorty LaBrea


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