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Volume 1 Issue 4 - Take A Picture Here, Take A Souvenir

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I Want To Rock And Roll All Night
(And Earn My SAG Card Every Day)

Our Favorite Performaces By Rock Stars In Movies
Ad-Rock, John Doe, Arlo Guthrie - Roadside Profits
Neil Young, Tom Petty, Ric Ocasek - Made In Heaven
Elvis Costello - Americathon / 200 Cigarettes
Chris Cornell and 3/5ths of Pearl Jam - Singles
Twisted Sister - Pee Wee's Big Adventure
L7 (as the band Camel Lips) - Serial Mom
Perry Farrell - The Doom Generation
Flea - My Own Private Idaho
Anthony Kiedis - Point Break
David Bowie - The Hunger
Iggy Pop - Hardware
Roland Gift - Scandal
Corey Glover - Platoon
Alanis Morissette - Dogma
Willie Nelson - Wag The Dog
Sting - Stormy Monday
Robbie Robertson - Carny
Marilyn Manson - Jawbreaker
Mick Jagger - Performance
Stephen Malkmus - Sweethearts
Trent Reznor - Light Of Day
Tom Waits - The Outsiders
Alice Cooper - Prince Of Darkness
Meat Loaf - Spice World / Fight Club
Dwight Yoakum - Red Rock West / Sling Blade

Least Favorite Performances By Rock Stars In Movies
Anything with Henry Rollins in it

RTC disclaimer:
Right Turn Clyde in no way endorses any of the musical artists listed above. Except L7, because they could beat us like a rug.


In This Issue: Satan, Siamese Twins, Monkeys, Leo, Parenting Tips, Ricky Jay, Renee Zellweger, Brian Cox In Triplicate, Dead Androids, Asia Argento and more, you lucky S.O.B.'s

This issue of Right Turn Clyde Is
sponsored by the fine folks at
Remember, shop smart. Shop S-Mart.
And if you're in Housewares, say hi to
Employee Of The Month, Ash.



Fear Strikes Out
An RTC Guide To Better Parenting

Maverick Director. Visionary Storyteller. Crank Caller?
Our Favorite Kubrick Story

Son Of A Beach
The Beach

An Open Letter To Charlize Theron

Time, Yes. Timely, No.

The Lip's Flame

Will The Real Brian Cox Please Stand Up?

Major Intolerance's Full Metal Racket

You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best
KISS On The Big Screen

How I Know Chill Factor Is Going To Suck

Movies That Won't Make You Horny

The Right Turn Clyde Firing Range
Renee Zellweger

Movies That Came And Went And You Didn't
Twin Falls Idaho

In The Name Of The Father
Jesus On Film

Retiring Leon
Brion James 1945-1999

30 Minute Movies
When A Man Loes A Woman

Night of The Juggler


Top 5 Movie Lists
Ricky Jay

Attention Casting Directors
Meloni / Koteas

The Walls Have Ears
Rock n Roll Movies

Six of One, Half-Dozen Of The Other
Jason Miller / Gabriel Byrne

Tat Watch '99
Alyson Hannigan

Shoutouts, Mailbag, etc.


Surrender To Asia Argento

Better Off Drunk

The Right Turn Clyde Puzzle Page

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