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Gone And Sadly Forgotten
The RTC John Cazale Memorial Award

Once in awhile, an actor screams onto the scene and everything they touch turns to gold. John Cazale did it in the 70's with roles in Dog Day Afternoon, The Deer Hunter & the 1st two Godfathers before succumbing to a brain tumor.

RTC digs deep into its bag of fond memories to acknowledge the film career and passing of George Memmoli. Although outstanding in turns in Taxi Driver, Blue Collar, and The Sure Thing, Memmoli, who died in a movie-related stuntcar accident in 1985, will always be remembered for his "What's a mook?" line in Scorsese's Mean Streets.

We at RTC apologize for not noticing Memmoli's absence from the silver screen until now, but we're still trying to figure out what happened to Charles Nelson Reilly's film career.

Rest in peace, you mook.


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