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The Day The Laughter Died
An RTC Science Project Conducted By The Boys Down At The Lab

Remember the part in Stardust Memories when the aliens tell Woody Allen the key to his success is to "tell funnier jokes"? It breaks RTC's heart when we showed up for Interiors expecting Diane Keaton hi-jinks and got Geraldine Page in menopause. Somebody needs to tell Woody that there's intelligent life out there. Sure, his recent films have charm, but please, listen to the aliens.

RTC took a look around at some of the comedians that doled out their share of comedy beatdowns in the day and now... well, let's just say that we heard more laughs at the JFK Jr. funeral than we did during Mixed Nuts, Hot To Trot, & Haunted Honeymoon combined. Here's a look at when the men who made us laugh stopped.


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